Deep Cleaning

$67,000. 00

   - Do you feel uncomfortable around the men in your life?
 - Do you understand why your men act as they act and do you know how to influence them?
 - Do you feel in control around your relationships with men?
 - Is there tension in your interactions with the men in your life and your masculine self?
 - Do you feel nervous and jittery around masculine energy and the strong masculine self?
 - Are you strong enough to complement/compete with the men in your world?

Video – My Own Personal History with Men

“We offer personal insights into men, including the men in your life, the masculine self, and how to interact successfully with all men who you will ever meet. We offer deep insight into how the male brain works, how to interact with it correctly, and how to do it over and over again, repeatedly, shifting for each male you encounter. We teach you how to seduce different types of men, how to make men fall in love with you, and how to responsibly use the power you have now acquired. We also give comprehensive instruction on how to work with and around men both in the workplace and in the home."

Video – What the Man Plan Offers

What You Get in Your Package
 - 3 Month Program Length
 - 48 Videos
 - 3 E-Books
 - 1 Hour Consultation with Rita Over Skype Every Week
 - 1x 4-Hour Personal Consultation regarding The Man of Your Choice

Video – The Results You Should Expect

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.      Q: What is this program really about?

A: This program is about men, the masculine self, and masculine energy. It is a thorough teaching on what men are like, how men think, how to successfully interact with men, what masculine energy feels like and how to complement that energy (rather than compete with it), and how to understand the masculine energy inherent in every person.

2.      Q: What exactly will I receive with this program?

A: You will receive access to the Program Page for 3 Months beginning at the start of each Program time, 48 Videos, 3 E-Books, a 1 Hour Consultation with Rita over Skype every week, and a total of one 4-hour Personal Consultation with Rita regarding the man of your choice.
3.      Q: Why does The Man Plan cost $67,000?
A: Rita Gehman has created a lot of value with her program and has put a lot of intensely high quality craftsmanship in a program designed to assist you. No refunds.
4.      Q: What if it doesn’t work? What if I don’t receive the results I expected?
A: It is likely that, if you begin having difficulties with your learning progress, Rita will be able to see and identify any issues she can help you with during your weekly sessions.
5.      Q: What is your refund policy?
A: We have a No-Refund policy. This is strictly adhered to. The Reasons: Rita has put forth enormous energy into developing a program to help people. A servant is worth her hire.
6.      Q: Where is Rita Gehman from? Is the program based in a specific location?
A: Rita Gehman is from Amarillo, Texas, United States of America. However, all of her programs are purely online based, here on the Intuitive Woods website, and anyone can purchase our programs and use our programs from anywhere in the world.
7.      Q: I’m scared about going forward with the program. Will I receive the personal support that I need?
A: Rita provides, included in the cost of the program, a one-hour consultation via Skype each week during the course of the 3 Month program. We want you to shine brilliantly! Come join our forces and strengthen yourself and your knowledge like never before!
8.      Q: Will I be able to contact Rita outside of our weekly scheduled times, if I have any questions?
A: Yes, you may leave offline Skype messages for Rita at any time. She will answer your messages in a timely manner.
9.      Q: Will I have access to the program after the 3 Month program session?
A: No, you will not. Our Programs are on individual online Program Pages here on Intuitive Woods. The password access changes after each individual course 3 Month Program time ends.
10.  Q: Can I buy programs from Rita in the future?
A: Yes! We encourage it! Please buy from us as many times as you like!
PLEASE NOTE: You will Not be allowed to have access to more than one program at the same time. You see, each program is so intensive and involves so much self-development that we require you to access each program in tandem, one after the other, rather than more than one program in the same time period. You CAN purchase more than one program at the same time, though. Rita will contact you to determine which program you would like to start with.
11.  Q: Can I pay with anything other than PayPal?
A: PayPal itself offers all major credit cards and many bank account connections with your PayPal account. You must pay with PayPal, but PayPal itself gives you multiple options with which to provide payment.
12.  Q: What happens to my results after the program is over? Will I still have the same results once I’m finished?
A: Your results will continue after your program is complete. In our experience, for some people, the results simply grow and escalate from the beginning of the program and continue growing for many years after the program is finished. For other people, a brief rest period is required after program completion before their results then continue to grow again. Your body, subconscious mind, internal programming, and external influences will affect which of these scenarios is most likely for you.

Video: Fears and Questions

$67,000. 00

$67,000. 00