Thursday, November 10, 2016

Shred Your Life!

Hello everyone! My name is Rita Gehman, and I'm here to talk to you about shredding your life!
Is there anything in your life that you really value that you're trying to keep protected? Like a marriage or your kids or your home or your job or your security or some part of your life that you're trying to keep protected?
Guys, being careful with it is the worst way to protect it!
The best way to protect it is to USE it!
And go out there and TOUCH it! And use it and make use OF it! And make use of your relationship with your kids. Expose your kids to the world. Show them what this is. How to respond to it. What this is. How to respond to it.
Engage with your partner! If you have enough fear about doing something with your partner and something might happen, NO!
No. Screw that!
Shred your life!
Anything that is strong enough to hold up through your shredding is made STRONGER! And anything that is not strong enough will BECOME stronger!
Guys, engage with your spouse, engage with your kids, show them the world, take your spouse out, get a new job, quit your current job, get a new job!
Go out there and engage with your world!
Shred your life!
Shred your world!
Do not do this soft.... Okay, we gotta protect this... type of situation.
Guys, if you want to protect those things in your life that you value the most, your money, your job, your wife, your husband, your kids, your home, your vehicle, don't ignore those things!
Don't distance yourself from those things or those people or those situations. Get out there and engage with them!
Grab ahold of them!
Grab them!
Engage with them! Connect with them!
Explain things to them. Be so brutally honest that you can't even handle it yourself. That's how you make yourself stronger.
If you're not treating yourself well enough. If you're like, say, way overweight or way underweight or you have a disease or something, then you're not engaging with yourself enough! You're not taking good enough care of yourself!
That means you need to go out there and you need to own your power. You need to give yourself more.
Take yourself to a spa, take yourself on a vacation, give yourself a new thing that is not just an emotional cover up but an actual thing that makes you feel empowered as a person!
I can do this!
Guys, shred your life! Shred everything in your world! Shred it all!
Do not be gentle with it or soft with it. Be kind with it, be good with it, but don't be gentle, guys! Not if you're trying to protect something in your world that you want to grow and become stronger. Guys, go out there and shred your world! Shred it! Shred it! Shred your world!
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Guys, shred your world! Shred it!