Monday, October 10, 2016

For Men: Understanding Your Wife's Time of the Month

Hello everyone! My name is Rita Gehman, and this video is for men.
Guys, I'm sure you want to understand why women get the way we get during out time of the month and what exactly that involves.
Also, guys, this may be a little bit scary for men, but don't worry about it. I'm going to walk you through it really, really carefully, so just come in, sit down, have a beer, have some tea, have some coffee, and let's just chat about this and I'll explain everything to you guys.
Okay, guys, women have a two week cycle. Every two weeks, we either have ovulation, which is when we really are great and when we're most likely to get pregnant, but we can also second most likely to get pregnant during menstruation, which happens the other two weeks!
So, we have one week of ovulation, and then two weeks later, we have menstruation, and then two weeks later we have ovulation and then two weeks later we have menstruation.
Just so you know, ovulation has a little bit of pinking or bleeding sometimes, just a little bit. Sometimes, we wear pads during that time of the month if our bodies are like that.
Also, you should understand that if you value virginity and you value that sort of thing, you should understand that a woman's hymen, which is the piece of tissue that people usually determine to see if she is a virgin or not, you should understand that a broken hymen does not mean that she lost her virginity. And an in tact hymen does not mean that she didn't lose her virginity. It's not a definite test for virginity either way.
For example, girls who are more active, who run around or are in athletics a lot, and girls who are simply just walking around, their hymen can break just from walking, just from regular walking around.
Depending upon the kind of person, we all have different bodies, and so that's definitely something that can happen to a girl.
So, that does not mean that she's not a virgin.
On the other hand, sometimes when people have not had sex for a long time, that tissue can actually grow back enough to where, not completely necessarily, but enough to where you would feel it if you broke it again.
So, that might seem like there's virginity when there's not.
So, guys, if you're one of those guys that thinks that one equals the other, it doesn't.
So, that's just a big old mess. Just forget about that.
If you don't trust your woman, don't fucking marry her!
Period. End of story.
If you do trust her, accept her the way she is! And move on with your life!
Move on with both of your lives.
Alright, now when it comes to menstruation, what happens is in order for a woman to have good, fresh, solid material for making a baby, she needs to keep her uterus really clean!
So, once a month, her uterus actually creates a new lining underneath the lining that it had, and it allows the old lining to detach from the wall of the uterus, and it comes out in the vagina.
It is bloody. Sometimes a woman can have a period for two days and that's it. Some women can have a period for seven to eight days.
And the twenty eight day cycle is measured from the beginning of one period to the beginning of the next period.
So, it's measured from Day 1 of one period to Day 1 of the next period.
Some women are irregular and they just come at various times. Some women are regular.
So, that depends.
Now, if you've ever seen your woman or your girlfriend or your wife, if you've ever seen her change out her pads or tampons, you should understand that sometimes it's more than blood that comes out.
Sometimes, it's like these little globules, and they're black. And it's almost like clotted blood. They're not black, they're dark red. They're stained the color of blood.
This is actually the lining of the uterine wall.
It's kind of like Jell-O. It's kind of solid, but not really.
It's kind of gel-like. Sometimes, that comes out with the regular menstrual blood. That's just the lining of the uterine wall and it's just stained the color of blood. I believe normally it's actually clear, clear colored.
So, it comes out. And that tends to come out in pieces, not all at once. And they're just little pieces, here and there.
Some women use tampons. And by the way, using a tampon can actually affect a hymen, one way or the other, so make sure that you understand, that you're not bringing any judgment.
And, to be honest, you shouldn't be so concerned about a woman's virginity that that's what you're focusing on, because if that's what you're focusing on, let me tell you something, marriage is going to throw you for a loop.
Long term relationships are going to throw you for a loop.
You're not going to be able to handle anything in marriage if you're that uptight and that stressed about somebody's virginity.
If you don't accept her the way she is, whether or not she's a virgin, then you're just not able to deal with or handle a long term relationship.
So, you probably shouldn't be marrying, yourself, anyway.
Okay, back to menstruation.
So, when a woman tells you to go to the store and get a certain product, either tampons or pads or both, have her describe the colors of the box to you.
That will really reduce the time you have to spend in the women's products aisle. Have her describe what colors.
If she has an old package that she's just run out of, whether it's in the trash, have her show it to you.
Have her show you what it looks like.
Write it down on a notepad, so that you don't have to remember when you get to the store. It will probably irritate her more if you ask her all these details, and then you're calling her at the store to confirm things. Just write it the fuck down!
Some pads, say if it was Always pads, and it was blue, and it was Overnight, that would be orange, so it's a blue and orange package.
If she likes Kotex then that's black and purple, or it's purple and white.
It all depends upon which version of Kotex she uses.
She will probably tell you "with or without wings."
So, the wings are an adhesive strip that go around the edge of the panties, and a lot of times women prefer pads with wings, because it prevents blood from seeping over into the edge of the pad, and actually running along the edge and seeping up onto the edge of the panty.
So, it actually protects the panty from blood that would actually fill up the pad and then spill over a little bit onto the side.
So, wings really matter!
If she doesn't say anything, get her wings automatically.
If she says with wings, get her wings. If she says, without wings, don't.
But get her wings automatically. That should be the first thing you should do.
If she asks for tampons, if she asks for pads, always make sure that you get the strength that she wants.
Sometimes they're light, sometimes they're medium, sometimes they're heavy, sometimes they're super heavy.
That's in both pads and tampons.
You need to get something that she prefers.
Some women, they have a light period, and they really want to have very light weight padding and tampons, because they don't like to feel like there's a big diaper down there.
Some women are the opposite in experience.
They have a really heavy flow, and they're constantly freaking out about, Oh God! Is this leaking or not?
They really want to feel like they have a diaper down there!
They really want to feel like, Oh my God! I have huge, ultra protection underneath me taking care of my heavy flow!
Yes! This is good!
So, guys, always remember that what she's dealing with is a very personal thing, it's a very private thing.
Mocking it, making fun of it, making jokes about it, complaining about it, talking to other people about it, complaining to other people about it, ALL of those are enormous forms of disrespect!
It's kind of like if somebody walked up to you and said, Hey! Do you trust your wife? With the implication that your wife is cheating on you or something like that. That would be extremely insulting to you. You would know that that's a good time to punch this guy in the face!
Well, when you do that about your wife, she wants to punch you in the face, because you're being THAT LEVEL of disrespectful to her.
This is a very private, personal thing that she's going through, once a month, and mocking it, making jokes about it, being disrespectful about it, criticizing it, complaining about it, and ESPECIALLY if you talk to other people about it. Oh! It's ten times worse! It's SO insulting!
Don't pull that shit on women. Don't do that shit.
Alright, guys, my name is Rita Gehman, and I would love to hear your comments!
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