Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sex and Getting Up Early

Hi, I'm Rita Gehman, and this video is about sex and getting up early.
This whole channel is about navigating through life easier, through a deeper level of understanding. Now, I was raised by people who did not have a deeper level of understanding of how the world works and how human nature works at the time that they were raising me.
Thankfully, we have all three of us grown us since then. But, at the time, I didn't have that. Now, life is navigated much easier by all of us.
I think life should be easy. That's my opinion, I think life should be easy.
In these videos, my whole channel is devoted to helping people understand human nature, how people interact, better socialization, and anything that helps make life much easier.
Okay, let's get started!
This video is about sex and getting up early.
When people get up early, they have time to do more in their lives than when they get up late.
Now, you may think that, Well, if you stay up and you get up late, it really doesn't matter.
But, toward evening, even if you're using lots of electric lights, your circadian rhythms start to slow down. In fact, your circadian rhythms really want and desire to slow down. You may be the one who is actually keeping the circadian rhythms off balance, off tilt, a little bit.
So, what this video is supposed to do is it's supposed to talk to you about how your sex life can be improved by you waking up earlier.
Now, when you wake up early every day and you actually get up early every day, that means that your circadian rhythms are more naturally aligned with not only the sun's cycles but the cycle of the year.
Now, the sun comes up later in the day in fall and winter, and we're going into fall and winter right now. But, this time of year requires you to make the most impact during the daylight hours than you would have to during the summer time when you would have a lot of daylight hours.
So, you still have to get up early, even in wintertime, even when it's still dark, because you still need to have that power, that punch, and have your energy at its very, very highest and having already used your energy at its very, very highest before the sun comes up in the wintertime.
Before the sun hits, because the sunlight in wintertime occupies a very short period of the day.
Now, we were talking about your sex life and your energy.
People who stay up late and wake up late, those people are forcing their rhythms to stay up past their circadian rhythm's natural flux, and they tend to get up past the natural, waking up, and growth cycle at the beginning of the day.
Even if you get up early, even if you get up before daylight on some days of the winter, it doesn't matter. The proper time to get up every day is around five (5) or six (6).
If you get up around five or six in the morning, then you've actually added about four more hours worth of energy to the middle of your day and about two more hours worth of energy to the end of your day.
That's six total amount of hours that you just added to your day.... worth of energy.
This means that you can get up and you can fuck better, you can have greater, more meaningful, deeper, more intimate sex. And then, at the end of the day, when you come home from work and you're with your partner, kids have gone to bed and everybody's happy and healthy and ready to go, you'll have all of this extra energy.
You'll feel relaxed and cool and smooth, not hot and tired and dry and itchy and gross that makes you kind of want to zonk out in front of a TV or hit a book or just go straight to bed, just go straight to sleep.
So, getting up early and having that extra umph to your sex life is a really big deal.
It's something that we would all want to have in our lives, and I myself have found this to be really helpful and it just adds so much more energy to your life.
So, whether or not you get up late and go to bed late, or you get up early and go to bed early, you would think that the two would pretty much be the same, because you're covering the same number of hours in the day. But, there's something that happens in the evening when your circadian rhythms are wanting to start slowing down that, if they don't slow down, you're in the position of having forced your rhythms to go further, and when you sleep in, you're missing a crucial part of the day that actually gives you naturally ten times as much energy, which will last throughout the day. It will not just be that much energy in the morning, when you might be thinking, Who cares, anyway. It will give you more energy for sex in the morning, and it will also give you more energy for the entire day.
Morning, afternoon, evening, and the rest and better sleep the next night.
And hey, I always support people having sex in the morning and in the evening. Having sex twice a day, Whew! That really keeps your circadian rhythms going. It actually puts your body back into a better circadian rhythm.
So, use the sex and getting up early in tandem with each other and use them together in kind of a cyclical way, in the morning, in the evening, and start moving your schedule back a couple of hours, earlier a couple of hours, in order to keep things at this really vibrant, high energy, feeling relaxed and cool at the end of the day, rather than hot and tired.
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