Friday, September 9, 2016

Science and Religion in the U S

Hello everyone! I'm Rita Gehman, with Intuitive Woods.
And this video is about Science and Religion in the U.S.
The United States is a very, very large, large country.
If you look at maps between your country and the United States, unless you are Canada or Mexico, there is a very large possibility that the United States is about eighty (80) times the size of your country.
And I did not say Eight, I said Eighty.
As in, 80.
So, because we have such a large country, and because we have so many people over here, we're not heavily, densely populated like some countries, such as Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, but because we have so much land area over here, we have a LOT of people over here.
We have a lot of immigrants, and we have a lot of people who just had a lot of babies.
So, science and religion in the U.S. We have a lot of different scientific theories and we have a lot of different religions in the U.S.
And our number one law here in the U.S. is to respect everyone's freedom of religion.
And it's very interesting that people are afraid that the U.S. will break this law. This is our First law. There is no other law higher than this in the U.S.
We respect people's freedom of religion.
Yes, some people can be a little stupid and a little intolerant of other people's religion, but our police force, our military force, and Most of our citizens are all very accepting of all people's right to choose and have different religions.
So, don't worry about the Very Few number of citizens who are kind of cranky about it.
Science and religion in the U.S..... a lot of people choose one or the other. They either choose science-based things and they are atheists, or they choose religious-based things and they don't go into science.
But, you should know that in the United States, MOST people have both beliefs, most people are both scientific and religious.
Now, it is not required for our science and our religion to be mixed together as it is in some other countries, especially heavily religious cultures.
In the United States, because everyone has freedom of religion, the scientific community and the religious community are kept separate, and the church and the state are also kept separate, almost completely.
So, whatever somebody does in their science or in their religion, it does not affect the other side, the other religion or the other science that they also believe in and they also know about.
So, we do not teach the two subjects together.
We teach them separately.
If you go to church or synagogue or mosque or temple for your religious teachings, and you go to school for your scientific teachings, and we keep those two things very separate.
So, that is the rundown of the Science and the Religion in the U.S.
Please tell me what you do in your country.
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