Friday, September 9, 2016

Review of Nancy Drew Classic Series

Hello everyone! I'm Rita Gehman, with Story Time.
And this video is a review of Nancy Drew, The Classic Series.
Now, I was a Make-A-Wish child, which means that when I was younger I had a highly fatal disease.
Thankfully I got over that quickly!
But, I did have a Make-A-Wish trip, and I was able to get almost all of the fifty six (56) books, Classic Series of Nancy Drew series.
And it wasn't quite all of them, but now I have all of them.
But, I was able to get all 56 books, and it took up an entire shelf of my bookcase, plus a little bit more.
And it was amazing!
The series is amazing.
Nancy Drew and her friends, Bess Marvin and George Fayne, who are both girls and they're cousins, they go on these wild, crazy, awesome adventures.
And Nancy is neither Feminist nor Traditional.
She is this cool, clear, transitional character between the two worlds.
She embodies the traits, the best of both worlds, both the Feminist world and the Traditional world, and none of the negative characteristics of either world, and she is cool, clear-headed, clear tempered, and she gets shit done.
She's an amazing character.
The people who wrote the Classic Series, I believe it was a series of authors who all wrote under the name Carolyn Keene, and it was a collaborative effort, sponsored by a company.
But, I could be wrong about that.
Anyway, Nancy Drew, the Classic Series is phenomenal!
There are 56 books in the series. I strongly recommend that you go out and buy every single book.
First, test out a couple of them, make sure you like them, and then go out and buy every single book.
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