Friday, September 9, 2016

Physician Assisted Suicide

Hello everyone!
My name is Rita Gehman, with Intuitive Woods.
This video is about Physician Assisted Suicide.
The two points are these.
One the one side people are afraid that if they support Physician Assisted Suicide, doctors will start making death decisions on who shall live and who shall die.
And that committees can be put together to determine people's worthiness to live and worthiness to die.
One the other hand, people who support a person's right to choose whether they live or die, especially if they are in a terminal illness, that means a fatal disease that can kill them, and if they are in extreme pain, whether they should have a choice or not to go ahead and end their life earlier than they would normally have ended it, so that they can be released from that pain.
So, those are the two points in the controversy of Physician Assisted Suicide.
My perspective is that doctors are so carefully and thoroughly trained over so many years that it is very difficult to find a doctor who is actually dishonest and who actually has somebody's best interests Not at heart.
So, when given the choice as to whether to assist someone with their suicide or not, I do support a doctor's right to be able to do that and somebody's right to be able to receive Physician Assisted Suicide, but I do understand people's fear about how that could be used for ill.
So, I would like to hear your comments on it.
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What is your opinion on this?
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