Friday, September 9, 2016

Dating Muslim Men

Hello everyone!
I'm Rita Gehman, with The Man Plan.
This video is about Dating Muslim Men.
This is specifically for women who are Not Muslim themselves.
I was raised Christian.
This applies to you if you're a Jew, you're a Christian, if you're Agnostic, Atheist, anybody.
If you're dating a Muslim man, you should understand that his religion has already primed him to be very respectful and quiet and peace loving and non-confrontational.
Muslim men, the vast pattern that overlies their whole culture is that they are very non-confrontational and they are very intuitive, and they have very high depth of wisdom.
Very deep depth of wisdom.
So, Muslim men have a certain quality to them, a certain feel to them that other religions do not share with the particular state of Islam.
Muslim men may not be virgins themselves but when they want to marry, they tend to prefer to marry virgin women.
But, this is not a requirement of theirs, so if you're not a virgin yourself, don't worry about dating Muslim men.
Even if they are virgins, they won't care.
If they love you, they'll Love you.
All men are like this. When a man is in love with a woman, he will be completely blind to whatever faults that his family may not be blind to.
Don't worry about meeting his family. His family will be fine with you.
All they need is some time if they're not able to adjust to it right away, then just give them some time. They will adjust to it eventually.
Always make sure that you're respectful and friendly and polite to their family, but don't try to just cater only to their family.
Just try to be nice and friendly and that's it!
Don't worry about it.
Muslim men may have deeply intense natures, and I don't mean in a bad way, I just mean they feel on a deep level, but they are impervious to other people's silly little squabbles.
So don't worry if their families don't like you right away.
If they're not worried about it, you shouldn't be worried about it.
If they say that it's a problem about their family, then don't worry about it.
Make it only about you and them, and their families will fall into line.
Dating Muslim men is highly rewarding.
They're wonderful, wonderful, soul filled men.
They're very soulful.
I personally love dating all types of men, but my favorite are Arabian Muslim men.
Those are my favorite types of men.
So, I've dated every religion of every man, every culture, creed, age, ethnicity. I've dated everyone.
But, my favorite are Arabian Muslim men.
They are very, very wise and intelligent men. I really respect them a great deal.
So, if you're going to date a Muslim man, you have my total support and freedom on this.
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