Friday, September 9, 2016

3 Lessons We All Learned from Nancy Drew

Hello everyone!
My name is Rita Gehman, with Story Time!
This is a video on three important lessons we have all learned from Nancy Drew.
Now, I'm referring to Nancy Drew, The Classic Series, by Carolyn Keene, not any of the modern renditions of Nancy Drew.
First thing we've learned from Nancy Drew is Persistence.
I mean, that girl knew how to keep pushing and keep going and even though she was very polite and steady natured about it, she still persistently pushed through and kept doing what she needed to do until she got the answers that she needed to get and got the results that she wanted.
Second thing we learned from Nancy Drew was how to keep a cool head. Nancy was never one for being overly emotional or overly dramatic, being emotionally unstable. She was always one for having a cool head and for keeping her temper even natured, even when she was dealing with extremely obnoxious, nasty, selfish, grotesque people. Things that would have made me fight and keeping fighting, she was irritated by them, she was annoyed by them, but she kept going in her steady, even tempered way.
So, that's a very good quality from Nancy Drew.
The third quality from Nancy Drew is how to date.
That girl had a very clear definition and idea of how to date, how to do what she wanted to do, and then enjoy spending time with her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, whenever she wanted to!
Whether he was just a steady date or a boyfriend, no one really knows and no one Really cares.
He was always there for her, he was the classic male protection whenever she needed it, and she appreciated it and enjoyed it. She also, at the same time, didn't need to prove herself against it, as well.
She enjoyed Ned Nickerson as a man and she enjoyed her detective work as a detective, and there was no conflict between the two. They were each just a part of her life and a part of her self and a part of her world.
So, I madly respect the Nancy Drew character in The Classic Series by Carolyn Keene.
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